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Is Your Site Prepped for Vocal Search?

More and more, people are bypassing the standard query box searching the internet through voice search. Growing numbers of users are turning to Siri or Alexa to track down the information they need, and we see this trend continuing into the foreseeable future. As voice search grows in popularity, it’s …


5 Tips for Optimized Web Images

Here at Spilled Milkshake, we regularly have people call and ask us to boost the SEO of their website. And sadly, they’re usually disappointed when we tell them it doesn’t quite work that way. The elements that truly drive SEO aren’t things that can be tacked on to an existing, …


Start 2019 with an Optimized Website

Regular website updates and maintenance are necessary to keep your site at optimal performance; if you don’t already have an upkeep strategy, the start of the new year is a great time to put one in place. Many (if not most) small- to medium-sized business owners are more willing to …

Should you accept credit card payments on your website? Let us help.

Should You Take Credit Cards on Your Site?

If you’re an ecommerce merchant, then it’s more or less mandatory. But even other merchants should consider it: Thanks to the growth of ecommerce over the last decade, it has become relatively straight-forward to set up and maintain a credit card account on your site. Here at Spilled Milkshake, we’re …


Why More Small Businesses Need Websites

A recent post on had experts talking out the pros and cons of owning and using a company credit card. One of the people polled brought up a good–and seldom recognized–reality: merchants who feel they don’t need a credit card are missing the point. Needing a credit card today …