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Setting Permalinks When Migrating to WordPress

Permalinks? Huh? What are permalinks? In a nutshell, permalinks are the structure of the URL address each of your blog posts. It’s short for permanent link. When you migrate your blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have the option to set your permalinks to a more desirable structure or the …


How to Back Up Your Blog

You know that having a back up of your blog is important, but you’re not sure how to do it. I can help! Please note, this is for self-hosted WordPress blogs. If you’re looking for how to back up your blog, please see this. Having a back up of …


Would You Like a FREE Custom Blog Design?

I have this post and this giveaway posted on my blog Spilled Milkshake…but I wanted to add it here, just in case I may catch someone else who’d love to win a FREE Custom Blog Design!! Recently, I came across this blog. I’m not even sure how I did…but I …


5 Ways to Learn Graphic Design

Learning graphic design is something in which many people have a keen and genuine interest. However, the question of how to start learning and how to develop your skills is a nuanced one, so here we offer you some real answers: YouTube Thanks to the ubiquity of professional tutorials that …


How to Find Online Graphic Design Courses

All kinds of graphic design is highly appreciated by the online companies, as well as by the physical ones. Graphic design now plays a very important role in our lives and this is the reason why a degree in the field would help you earn a lot of money. This type of design …