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4 Key Benefits to Using Professional Graphic Design

The question I hear most often from business owners is this: Do I really need professional graphic design for my business? I would answer yes, of course: it’s what I do. But I can also give you examples of how professional graphic design can benefit you. And face it: if …

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Can a Mobile App Help Your Small Business Grow?

As a small business owner, you’re probably thinking: “I’m not a top-500 retailer. I don’t need a mobile app.” You might also be wrong on that point. Even for small businesses, maintaining a traditional web presence is not always enough to build a customer base that will keep coming back …


5 Overall Design Trends for 2018

Since we took a look at how mobile apps might be changing in 2018 (see my last post), I thought it might be good to look at some overall trends I see happening in design, and how those might develop throughout the new year. Designers have a love/hate relationship with …


5 Trends for Mobile App Design in 2018

Some companies–even some larger ones–have been dragging their feet about getting fully invested in mobile apps. In 2018, that’s not really an option anymore: as customers become more comfortable with mobile security, mCommerce will only grow, as this infographic demonstrates. Since we’re coming to the end of the year, it’s …


Simple Steps to Avoid E-Commerce Chargebacks

If you’re in ecommerce, you’ve probably been the victim of a credit card chargeback at some time. For online merchants, the chargeback may appear to be an irritating cost of doing business, but the reality is, chargebacks are largely avoidable and unnecessary. A chargeback happens when a credit card transaction …