Would You Like a FREE Custom Blog Design?

I have this post and this giveaway posted on my blog Spilled Milkshake…but I wanted to add it here, just in case I may catch someone else who’d love to win a FREE Custom Blog Design!!

Recently, I came across this blog. I’m not even sure how I did…but I fell in LOVE with the design and the other designs she’d done. Everything I saw was just exactly ‘my style’, so I had an idea. I wondered if teaming up with Stef would help us both. We’re both newer blog designers…she only designs for Blogger and (if you know me at all, you know this) I don’t like Blogger. I only want to design for WordPress. So, I approached Stefani and asked her what she thought about the idea…happily she was up for it!!

Here’s a little information about Stefani:

Hi Spilled Milkshake readers! My name is Stefani and I blog over at Miss Jo and Co. I am  a 25 year old kid-at-heart with a baby named Josephine. My husband and I live in Sacramento (until further notice) while he finishes up law school. I blog about my family life, random thoughts, parenting, and whatever else I can think up. :-)

I just started my business doing Blogger blog design and I am having so much fun with it. My ultimate goal is to create a design that the customer are absolutely in love with and I work with them until it happens. When Christina approached me about teaming up to design together, I was all for it! She does a fantastic job at design and I’m excited to team up with her.

To get this fantastic idea off the ground, Stef and I are offering a FREE WordPress Custom Design AND a FREE Blogger Custom Design to 2 lucky winners. All you have to do is enter in the Rafflecopter form below for whichever blog platform you use. (Mind you now, when I say WordPress, I mean self-hosted WordPress blogs…WordPress.com does not allow much in the way of customization without paying their $30 upgrade fee.) Good luck!!