Setting Permalinks When Migrating to WordPress

Permalinks? Huh? What are permalinks?

In a nutshell, permalinks are the structure of the URL address each of your blog posts. It’s short for permanent link. When you migrate your blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have the option to set your permalinks to a more desirable structure or the structure of your Blogger posts to minimize broken links.

Here’s what the default permalink structure looks like:

Not very pretty, is it? It certainly isn’t going to inspire your readers click on your links and it isn’t good for SEO since it doesn’t contain any of the post’s keywords.

A more desirable permalink structure would look like this:

Here’s how to set your permalinks

Log in to your dashboard. Choose Settings –> Permalinks

On the Permalinks screen, choose your desired Permalinks structure. Post Name is the most recommended. Including the date is how Blogger does it and you’ll need to set it that way if you are migrating to WordPress from Blogger.

If migrating from Blogger, under Custom Structure, please enter this:


Then Save Changes. Twice. Seriously…save it twice.