How to Back Up Your Blogger Blog

You know you need to back up your Blogger blog, but you’re not sure how. I can help! Backing up your blog is really very, very simple.

First, why would you need to back up your blog?

Well, outside of it just disappearing and you lose every bit of information that was on it, there are actually some other times when you’ll want to have a current back up of your Blogger blog. If you are installing a new template, installing or removing widgets, or mucking in the HTML of your blog in any way…PLEASE make a back up before you start.

So, you need to make a current back up…

  • First, log in to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Settings for your blog.
  • Choose Other.
  • Click Export Blog.
  • Click Download Blog.
  • Poof, you’re done.

If you are encountering any problems completing this, try using a different web browser. The screen shots you see here were obtained using Chrome and Firefox works the same. Safari does not seem to work like this.