Design Your eCommerce Site for Customer Service

Compared to running a brick-and-mortar store with multiple locations, operating an eCommerce website can appear simple. Everything is relative, however: running an eCommerce site brings its own unique set of challenges. One is providing a top-notch customer experience for customers you never meet or interact with.

Since our inception, Spilled Milkshake Designs has focused on delivering everything you need to make each user experience outstanding. We have the knowledge, tools, and tips to help make your eCommerce store customer-centric right from the start.

Challenges of online Customer Service

Obviously, providing great customer service is a priority in every business—or it should be. Having said that, there are some distinct differences between eCommerce stores and stores with a physical location. For example:

  1. Most physical stores are limited to set hours; online stores are not. Customers can log on at any time, 24/7. While this presents a great opportunity, it also makes it even more important for eCommerce stores to offer around-the-clock access to customer service. Any customer contact—including ones coming from social media outlets—should, at the very least, trigger an automated response that the message was received, and when the customer can expect a full reply.
  2. Physical stores may have more direct access to customers, but they’re also limited on how much inventory they can have at any one time. eCommerce stores can offer customers an entire internet of shopping suggestions. Again, this is a tremendous opportunity, but brings with it the responsibility of making sure all product pictures and descriptions are absolutely accurate.
  3. It’s hard to leave a physical store if one already has a cartful of items in line at the checkout; with an eCommerce store, leaving is as simple as clicking a mouse. Customer service for online stores needs to be as accommodating as practical during the sales and purchasing processes to prevent cart-abandonment.

There are other differences, of course, but you get the idea: Customer service for eCommerce is a different beast, and requires different tools and a different approach. Don’t let that put you off, though: Spilled Milkshake Designs is here to help with customized solutions to help you beef up the ways you can deliver customer service…and the premier customer experience:

Forms for Fantastic Feedback

You may think you’re offering the best customer experience … but do your customers feel the same way? You can’t know for certain if you don’t know how your customers truly feel about doing business with you – and the best way to get that insight is to ask. Spilled Milkshake Design can help by creating custom, semi-automated feedback forms that make it easy. By integrating feedback opportunities directly into the customer experience of your site, we’ll help you ensure that visitors will always have a fast, easy access.

Interconnected Communications

Phone number? Check. Email address? Of course. Social media? Well, when you remember to check it. Live chat? Umm …

Once upon a time, have a toll-free number was considered top-of-the-line service. Here in the Digital Age, however, customers expect a multichannel experience and multiple methods of connecting. At Spilled Milkshake Design, we’re experts at working with a complete range of communication mediums, as well as connecting your various contact points together and integrating everything into your highly effective eCommerce store.

Furious Fraud Fighting

You may not believe this, but the bulk of online retail fraud comes from customers. Still, criminal fraud certainly does exist, and it’s a threat that grows bigger every year. We’re familiar with all the major fraud filter plug-ins and filtering services, plus we invest time and resources into making sure we’re up-to-date on all the latest risks. Our job is to know what will work best for your specific needs, and put proactive measures into play before issues become problems. Plus, we know how to get you up and running with seamless installation and step-by-step training.

Get the Most Out of What We Have to Offer

At Spilled Milkshake Designs, we pride ourselves in being able to capture the client’s vision in terms of design, functionality, and need. As you might guess, we’re also big on providing the same high level of customer service to our clients that you hope to deliver to yours. Every site is unique, and we go to great lengths to learn what will work best with your situation … then work hard to give you more than you expect.

The way we see it, design is more than how something looks; good design includes how something works. We understand that eCommerce retailers have different (but no less important) needs than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, and we’re here to help. If you’re thinking about establishing a web store, or are interested fine-tuning the customer service for an existing store, talk to us today.