5 Ways to Learn Graphic Design

Learning graphic design is something in which many people have a keen and genuine interest. However, the question of how to start learning and how to develop your skills is a nuanced one, so here we offer you some real answers:


Thanks to the ubiquity of professional tutorials that have become an important part of You Tube’s user generated content, YouTube has become a place where people can learn a multitude of skills and graphic design techniques. Of course it is still a very DIY spirited method and there is a learning curve to acknowledge, but still this a great place to start you graphic design training in earnest. At the same time it is also a place where an expert can come to discover new techniques.  Still, it has its limitations as many of the best tutorials are only partially available as many of the content creators would rather you visit their site.

Online course

The limitations of places like YouTube are why academics and professional graphic designers alike are constantly creating video and text tutorials. These are very effective ways that local graphic designers, novice, and professionals alike can get useful information and step by step instruction on how to use the tools of the trade, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There are some online courses that take you from the most basic aspects of using colour, space, shapes and lines; extending all the way up to more complex course on the place of graphic design in web development.

Online tutorials

This method of learning graphic design is a less formal alternative to delving into a full Online graphic design course. This method is for would-be graphic designers looking for graphic design training on specific subjects and methods rather than a comprehensive course. As a matter of sheer volume online tutorials are everywhere and there are many more of them that full courses. This method of learning is useful for people who have either some experience working with graphic design tools or people looking to complete a specific project

Academic courses

A much more traditional method is found in the many academic courses that are available to students of all levels and are available both on campus and online. Academic course will put you in a regimented and specific work with literary and personal resources that will help you to address some of the road blocks in your way. In many ways this method is one that can give you a solid foundation. However, courses can be costly and time consuming.


Many of us who spend a lot of time online are fairly biblio-phobic, but even for the most avid reader it might not seem that you can get effective graphic design training. The truth is that picking up a book on graphic design is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the lessons you need to know concerning both the elements and traditional techniques of graphic design and even the technical tools, both real world and digital. Another benefit of having a graphic design library is that you can come back to it as a reference as often as you like.