4 Key Benefits to Using Professional Graphic Design

The question I hear most often from business owners is this: Do I really need professional graphic design for my business? I would answer yes, of course: it’s what I do. But I can also give you examples of how professional graphic design can benefit you. And face it: if you didn’t at least suspect there was a good reason to use a designer’s services, you wouldn’t be asking the question in the first place.

Professional graphic design is key to your identity. Yes, you can get a nice-looking logo from Vistaprint or some such place … but what is the advantage of having the same look as other businesses? There might be some “borrowed interest” if your branding is similar to a popular company–for example, you have an online movie streaming business and use a logo similar to Hulu–but major brands invest considerable resources to ensure their logos don’t look like anyone else’s. The best you can expect from a logo mill is a generic logo that–while it may look professional–doesn’t really convey who you are as a business.

This is more relevant today than it ever has been. The vast onslaught of communication channels means consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising, news, and information. Some is real, but much is bogus. With so many available choices, today’s customer is more likely trying to narrow down their search before they actually try to make a decision. They consistently look for key elements that differentiate a good business from a scam. An amateurish logo can be enough to knock your company out of the running upfront, but professional graphic design can spotlight your company in several ways.

It Helps Customers Visualize Your Brand

Professional design involves more than simply picking out images and typefaces. Professional designers develop color schemes, responsive patterns, and select (or in some cases, create) fonts and images that immediately convey your brand image to consumers. The best commercial designers have the knowledge, experience, and education to help you create or re-create a brand image that will ensure customer curiosity.

It Helps Unify Your Brand

Omnichannel marketing is no longer optional for most merchants. In fact, mobile is the fastest-growing payment platform in retail. Marketing must go out on multiple channels. And that logo that looks so pretty on your computer screen might get totally lost on a customer’s mobile device. A professional graphic designer understands this, and will work to create a marketing image that helps customers recognize your business across a wide range of media. This, in turn, enables the merchant to implement marketing campaigns that are cohesive, regardless of the media channel.

It Demonstrates Your Professionalism

Large corporations understand the value of professionalism; that’s why they invest in professional graphics creators. The majority of us are visual learners, meaning we remember what we see far better than what we hear or read. Visual communication is important in terms of facilitating the way learn about your products or services. The wrong colors, fonts, or images can not only distract from the message, but they can subconsciously make a bad impression of your brand. Think about it: if you’re willing to skimp on your own image, what does that say about you? You may be unwittingly telling potential customers you’ll skimp on other more important details, as well.

It Communicates Your Values

What is your company’s core value? Honesty? Quality? Efficiency? Your logo should reflect the values as well as the personality of your business. At the same time, it communicates that information in a way that resonates with your audience. A great designer will start by asking the right questions, researching your market and competition, and fine-tuning your message. Professionals know where customers look for information … and they know how to convey it in such a way that it catches the eye of pertinent viewers. Great graphic design immediately emphasizes the value system that makes your company unique in the industry.

Simply put, the overall look of your identity and marketing materials is the first association customers make with your brand. Ignoring this important aspect may save money and time money in the short term, but it will undoubtedly bring expensive consequences in the future. A memorable logo and professional graphics, however, can jumpstart a new brand strategy and help define your company’s identity.

If you’re a business owner looking for the most effective ways to market your products or services, the professional graphic artists at Spilled Milkshake Designs can help you design and create brand image that will elevate your brand beyond the ordinary.