Blog Analysis & Optimization Plan Package

Is your site loading slow? Are readers commenting that they’re unable to leave comments, see photos, or load your site’s pages? Are you seeing odd error messages? Are you plugins not working as they should? Let me help!
I will analyze your blog checking for updates, conflicting plugins, your commenting system, image optimization, and theme issues and provide you with a custom plan for things YOU can do to make your site work faster and be more appealing to your readers.
I am also available to resolve ANY issue you are having for a reasonable hourly rate. Ask anyone…there’s nothing I can’t figure out and make work.
  • Consultation with Custom Suggestions
  • Hourly rate $120/hr – fix ANY problem, ANY time.
If you’re interested in a Blog Optimization Analysis or to hire me at a general hourly rate to fix your blog, let’s get started by answering a few questions that will help me to understand what your concerns are and where to focus my attention.