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5 Things to Demand from a Freelance Designer

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a freelance designer, you know it can be frustrating enough to turn you off from the idea of ever using one again. If you’ve had bad experiences with two, or three, or even more graphic designers … well, maybe it’s you. I …

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4 Great Hacks for Providing Feedback

Here at Spilled Milkshake, our goal is to provide you with more than you think you’ll get, for less than you think you’ll have to pay. Of course, both of those things leave a lot of room for interpretation! For one thing, getting “more” can be irrelevant if you’re only …


4 Tips for Creating Trust with Your Website

In a great show of irony, just at a point where we are predicted to move into a completely internet-dependent world, studies show that people are demonstrating a remarkable and growing distrust of … the internet. The Internet of Things promises to auto-connect our lives to the point where we …


Web Design Is Dead

OK, “dead” might be a bit of an exaggeration–but not much. People have been predicting the end of the internet for nearly two decades. Some experts claim that web’s role in ecommerce will be greatly diminished within months; others suggest it is already so different from what it was, the …

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SEO Trends Designers Need to Know

The design of your website can determine how visible its content is and how engaged your users become. The same could be said for SEO, but that is a bit harder to quantify. After all, you can LOOK at your site and tell whether you like it; you won’t actually know …