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When Bad Web Design Happens to Good Businesses

There is no shortage these days of products and services that help you create your own website. Even for someone with almost no background in the design or IT fields, you can put together a decent-looking, basically functional website in a hurry. If you’re doing something for yourself, your family, …


Setting Up a Secure Website

As of MAY 2019, there are 5.47 billion indexed pages on the World Wide Web, representing roughly 200 million active sites. That’s a lot of websites: is one of them yours? If not, how do you get one of your own? Better yet: how do you get a site AND …


SEO or SEM? What to Build into Your Site Design

Sometimes, Search Engine Optimization seems like it is its own world, with its own rules and its own language. The acronyms alone can be intimidating to the uninitiated: SERP, PPC, KPI (Search Engine Results Page, Pay-Per-Click, and Key Performance Indicator, respectively), just to name a few. So it is not …


4 Myths about SEO and Web Design

Here at Spilled Milkshake, we believe that web designs should be functional and intuitive as well as aesthetically pleasing. Part of that means that websites should be designed from the start to be highly optimized for search engines. This involves a great many elements, from load speed to site maps. …


Website Disaster Recovery: What It Is, Why You Need It

Could your business continue to operate if your website completely went down? Are you sure? Unless your website is only an ancillary part of your business, having a disaster recovery plan is a must. When it comes to you operations in the world-wide web, it is not a matter of …