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Design Your eCommerce Site for Customer Service

Compared to running a brick-and-mortar store with multiple locations, operating an eCommerce website can appear simple. Everything is relative, however: running an eCommerce site brings its own unique set of challenges. One is providing a top-notch customer experience for customers you never meet or interact with. Since our inception, Spilled …


Color and the Art of Web Design

One of the things that defines a classic artist is the use of color. The ability to manipulate the viewer’s thoughts and emotions purely on the basis of color choice often feels genius. We still use many of these techniques, even today—not just in art, but in new commercial and …


In Defense of Unique Website Design

It’s hard to believe that roughly a decade ago, putting up a new website was something of a headache. SEO was in its infancy. Programming for phones wasn’t really a consideration, and the Internet of Things was mostly just a programmers pipe dream. What we put into web-building today has …

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When Bad Web Design Happens to Good Businesses

There is no shortage these days of products and services that help you create your own website. Even for someone with almost no background in the design or IT fields, you can put together a decent-looking, basically functional website in a hurry. If you’re doing something for yourself, your family, …


Setting Up a Secure Website

As of MAY 2019, there are 5.47 billion indexed pages on the World Wide Web, representing roughly 200 million active sites. That’s a lot of websites: is one of them yours? If not, how do you get one of your own? Better yet: how do you get a site AND …